Hush (Deep Purple) 26.09.11          from  20:30  entry free  
Hard to handle (Otis Redding) 10.10.11          from  20:30  entry free  
Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith) 24.10.11          from  20:30  entry free apéro offert par Yves  
Alive (Pearl Jam) 07.11.11          from  20:10  entry free  
Lightnin' crashes (Live) 21.11.11          from  20:15  entry free  
I go wild (The Rolling Stones) 05.12.11          from  20:05  entry 55.00  
Sympathy for the devil (The Rolling Stones) 19.12.11          from  20:10  entry free  
Miss you (The Rolling Stones) 26.12.11         from  20:15  entry free
Wired all night (Mick Jagger) 02.01.12          from  20:30  entry free  
Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin) 16.01.12          from  20:35  entry free  
Good times bad times (Led Zeppelin)30.01.12         from  20:00  entry free  
Royal Orlean's (Led Zeppelin)   
Nobody's fault but mine (Led Zeppelin)
Thank you (Led Zeppelin)   
One (U2)    
You really got me (The Kinks)    
Strange kind of woman (Deep Purple)    
Black night (Deep Purple)    
Another day (Smelly Cats)    
Wishing Well (Free)    
Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival)    
Bloodsucker (Deep Purple)    
First Date (Danko Jones)    
No one knows (Queens of the Stone Age)    
Won't get fooled again (The Who)